One Day Room Makeover by DENISE GIANNA DESIGNS

ROOM MAKEOVER/redecoration

A Room Makeover will improve your environment, help you determine the best furniture placement, what things are worth keeping, what to re-purpose and what things to let go of. 

A Room Makeover will help to seamlessly integrate your treasured possessions as well as new acquisitions into an overall design scheme, and give your home the “WOW” factor you’ve been looking for!  You’ve likely invested substantial money in your home and you deserve to enjoy it, feel comfortable in it, and showcase it to its best advantage.

Room Makeovers can involve only what you already have, help you integrate new pieces and also help with purchasing complimentary pieces to add the finishing touch to your new room. Whether you have no idea where or how to begin, have ideas but need help tying pieces together, or simply haven’t the time to execute what you want, we can help your reach your goal.

Room Makeovers start at $250 per room. The Room Makeover process is ideally spread over at least two sessions, giving you time to live with your new room, try it out, and if necessary, fine tune the design.

We pride ourselves on the ability to work with any style and at almost any budget level, so don't hesitate to discuss your needs with us. We are always happy to tailor our services and proposals to meets your goals.

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