At DENISE GIANNA DESIGNS, we want you to be happy in your environment. Sound design principles and quality design assistance should be available to everyone.

We have a simple philosophy that makes collaborating with us a clear and stress-free process for our clients. Fees for our interior design and decoration services are clearly delineated under each service category and are hourly fee-based. You know from the beginning exactly what to expect and you are in control of the scope and budget of your design project.

Good design is functional as well as beautiful. Good design is the ultimate self-care.
— Denise Gianna

Our services begin with an in-home design consultation during which we will get to know you, your style, project goals, ideas, projected costs and time frame. From this consultation, we will be able to set a full design schedule or a small number of hours to simply "get started".  Either way, we can begin working with you immediately, if you like.

Please take some time and get to know our services, ranging from simple color consultation to full scale interior design projects, kitchens, bathrooms and redecoration. We pride ourselves on providing quality service and complete satisfaction regardless of project or budget size, so don't hesitate to discuss your needs with us. We are always happy to tailor our services and proposals to meets your goals.

Whether you are moving into a new home, downsizing, in need of a small change or a total transformation, we can help you create an environment that makes you feel fantastic.