Home Staging for Real Estate Sale

Real estate professionals know that success in today’s market demands more competitive and creative approaches to attracting buyers.  You need to provide innovative ways to improve the salability of your client’s property and also ensuring quicker turnover of your inventory. Quick, effective and affordable home staging / re-design services are essential for making your properties STAND OUT. 

From the real estate professional’s perspective, home staging is one of the fastest, simplest and most effective ways to help you do just that - sell more homes.   From the home seller’s perspective, home staging is THE quick and affordable tool for making a home more appealing, selling it faster and for maximum profit. And, home staging could be cost neutral for your client because home staging fees are frequently TAX DEDUCTIBLE for the home seller! 

Considered a part of “advertising fees” for the sale of the home, home staging fees fall under allowable selling expenses. When your client hires DeniseGiannaDesigns directly, they are purchasing a service for the specific purpose of selling that home. So, the professional cost and expenses incurred can often be deducted when the home is sold, along with commissions paid to the Realtor and legal fees.

DeniseGiannaDesigns prepare your client’s homes for viewing and visualization by the most likely real estate shopper in the area. Home staging promotes a home’s best features and deemphasizes features that may not be the most desirable to the potential buyer.

Home staging is affordable and the results can be quick and DRAMATIC. Fees generally run between $350 and $1250 for a home, dependent on square footage and condition of the home.  Combining information from the real estate professional about comparables and lifestyle and preferences of the likely buyer AND merchandising and professional design principles, can hit all the right emotional buttons in your potential home buyer.

First impression is the key factor in selling your home.  Typically, a potential buyer has made up their mind ten seconds after they step in the front door.  They were already forming an opinion as they pulled into your driveway! That really doesn’t leave too much room for unpreparedness. To achieve the greatest possible sales outcome, your home should be presented at its best and most inviting to the greatest number of potential buyers every time it is shown.